Our Wedding Day

T h u r s d a y  8 t h  M a r c h  2 0 1 8

V E N U E  &  D E C O R

The one and only place we visited when choosing our wedding venue… Rockbeare Manor is stunning and almost instantly we knew it was where we wanted our wedding to be. We kept to a few traditions but the main thing was that the wedding reflected us – if something wasn’t ‘us’ then we changed it so it was! We wanted our day to have a relaxed and fun feel. We totally believe that ‘less is more’ and didn’t want to overdo it with the decoration; I love the simple elegance of the Manor so we kept it all fairly minimal. It is quite easy to get caught up in the planning of a wedding and forget that, as cheesy as it sounds, the day is a celebration of love! Then everything else is a bonus ♥

Spring is my favourite season and I had sort of imagined our wedding day to be a beautiful spring day with soft colours, greenery and sunshine to fill the rooms – we completely lucked out because this is pretty much what we got! I feel so lucky and still can’t believe that this was our day…









Laura Elisabeth (Instagram – @lauraelisabethmua)


‘Simple, elegant and a little bit messy’

…is how I described the look I was going for! I didn’t have anything specific in mind but I liked the look of some hair up and some hair down, plaits, loose curls and a little bit of gypsophila as a finishing touch. I wanted it to work with my dress and the elegant feel of it but didn’t want to go for a typical bridal hairstyle. It was the perfect balance of simple and sophisticated with a little bit of messiness! 

M A K E  U P

I decided to do my own make up on our wedding day. I didn’t want anything too different to what I’d normally do and I still wanted to ‘look like me’. I started to try out new make up (foundations, concealers, eyeshadows, etc) in the year running up to the wedding and I knew exactly what I was going to use on the day. I think, on your wedding day especially, it’s important to wear what you feel comfortable wearing and to stick with what you know looks good and lasts well. I really enjoy doing make up anyway so the time spent doing it on the day with my best friends and bridesmaids by my side is one of my favourite memories!




C A K E  

Sweet Escake (Instagram – @sweetescake_devon)

“That is not our cake?!” – were my exact words when I first laid eyes on it! I couldn’t believe that Beccy had managed to recreate the Pinterest cake I showed her, but even better. I love the rustic look of a ‘naked cake’ and the strawberries and flowers were the perfect finishing touch. She also catered for gluten-free with little cupcakes – so cute! The cake very quickly became one of my favourite parts of the day. I’ve never had cake that tasted as amazing as it looks and I’m so glad that I finally got to experience this on our wedding day 🙂




Peamore Flora (www.peamoreflora.co.uk)



I sometimes found it difficult to make decisions around the ‘look’ we were going for in the early stages of planning because I didn’t have a specific vision in my head. People would often ask what our colour scheme was and, to be honest, I never really had one! After meeting with Grace at Peamore Flora and showing her some photos for inspiration, I felt confident that she knew what to do. When I saw the finished bouquets I realised she had managed to create EXACTLY what I wanted – beautiful, soft-coloured spring flowers with gorgeous greenery! We also chose lots of foliage and spring wildflowers to put in clear jars along the centre of the main table and around the venue to tie it all together.


(Instagram – @helencourtphotography)

Our Wedding Day was beautifully photographed by Helen Court. Most of the time we hardly noticed Helen taking photos on the day and we are so pleased with the way they turned out. She really captured the feeling of how chilled and happy everyone was on the day, with a mixture of natural and posed shots. Here are a few of my favourites from the day…








let  love  s p a r k l e …

We truly had the most amazing day and are so grateful to everyone that helped to make it so special.

SP x

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