Twenty Four Things


So I’ve been wanting to write a new blog post for a couple of months now but I’ve really been struggling to find a ‘topic’ or anything of interest to write about. When I started my blog I knew I wanted to write for myself and nobody else, but at the same time I am very conscious of what I post on social media. I’m naturally quite a private person and I have to admit that I do often find the ‘sharing’ part of it all quite difficult. Blogging is a bit out of my comfort zone because I am opening up and sharing my thoughts, but at the same time I don’t really want anyone to listen.

I sometimes feel with social media there is a pressure to be open and share things about our personal lives with people we might never normally speak about it to. I think I could quite easily never share anything about my life online again. Think how different it would be without it all? It would be like the good old days… Ha! With that being said, I do think social media has its good parts; I love photos which is probably why the only social media channel I really use is Instagram. I like to see updates shared by those I care about or feel inspired by – I enjoy following different people’s adventures through life.

As I recently reached the grand old age of 24 (lol), I thought I’d do something I normally wouldn’t do and share 24 *completely random and probably won’t add anything to your day* things about me that I haven’t shared on social media before…

  1. I’m told my name was inspired by both the actress Stefanie Powers and the tennis player Steffi Graf.
  2. One thing I am most scared of is moths, especially when they fly INTO your face?!
  3. I’d love to learn more about our solar system and space – I find it so interesting and it also helps me to remember how insignificant our time on Earth is (sad but true). In a way it helps me to stop stressing over something really stupid!
  4. I am happiest when around those who make me feel comfortable and warm inside. I love when people help you to be the best version of yourself – they are keepers 🙂
  5. Although I have nothing against tattoos, the thought of getting one myself terrifies me. What if the tattoo artist messes it up?! I could never get one, haha.
  6. My favourite band is Little Mix and I’m not sorry ’bout it 😉
  7. I sometimes feel let down by people who don’t do for me as I do for them. I try to remember the quote “Be a rose which gives fragrance even to those who crush it” – I think it’s really powerful and a great one to live by.
  8. I get quite annoyed by loud eaters… #ytho?
  9. I also can’t stand watching or listening to people brush their teeth. It honestly makes me feel something so horrible inside (tell me I’m not alone) haha!
  10. I used to be a massive worrier but as I am getting older I’m learning the hard way that it’s a complete waste of time and energy.
  11. I prefer savoury food to sweet… I am a bit obsessed with sausage rolls and would eat them daily if I could get away with it. Why is all good food bad for you, lol.
  12. Not a day goes by where I do not sing; I swear it just makes you feel better!
  13. My favourite season has got to be spring, closely followed by autumn. To be honest though I do love every season!
  14. I feel inspired by people who don’t take life too seriously.
  15. I also love good people. Those who support others and don’t make them feel silly if they make a mistake.
  16. My eye sight is getting so bad but I cannot stand the feeling of having glasses on my face and the idea of contact lenses kinda freaks me out. I’m hoping for a miracle (or eventually laser eye surgery? haha).
  17. I enjoy the feeling of having one sock on and one sock off.
  18. My favourite breakfast is a cup of tea and toast. Not too much milk in the tea and the toast has to be 2 slices with raspberry or strawberry jam and 2 slices with marmite. Yes, I’m a weirdo, I know!!
  19. I am a perfectionist which……. can be really annoying. Ha.
  20. I get really determined to complete something and hate giving up.
  21. I always try to see the good in people, even though sometimes it can be hard! Lol.
  22. I really believe that your mind is a powerful thing and when you fill it with positive thoughts your life will start to change. This is something I have really tried to do more of this year.
  23. I find it hard to make decisions but I am getting better!
  24. “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – I believe this quote to be one of the truest I have ever heard.

Well, if you made it to the end then congratulations!! You must be bored 😉 haha. Let me know if you too feel unnatural sharing things on social media. Do you think there’s anything wrong with feeling this way? Actually maybe don’t answer that one… lol!

Thanks for reading 🙂

SP x

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