A Beautiful Day in Bath

Bath, Somerset

Saturday 15th October 2016

We sometimes feel the urge to explore this planet known as Earth. We’ll book a mini-break or a dream holiday and then the weeks that would normally fly by seem to drag. You find yourself telling people how the next break ‘couldn’t come soon enough’! Even a day trip can be enough to quench a thirst for adventure.

Mart and I decided upon a day trip to Bath- only a couple of hours drive from our home in Exeter.  We parked the car and started to wander towards the city centre in the autumn sunshine.


Our first stop was Sally Lunn’s Historic Eating House. I opted for a cup of tea and a cinnamon butter bun, which was pretty much the size of my face… But wow, Sally Lunn’s buns are basically the best. I highly recommend the trip to Bath if only for a taste of those buns!


That cinnamon butter though! I’m already looking forward to returning…

We spent the next few hours strolling around and (mostly window) shopping. I treated myself to some pricey make-up in Space NK and a couple of cheap winter jumpers in Primarni… it’s all about that balance… ha! Then we made our way towards Bath Abbey and Pulteney Weir.


Apparently it’s weird to take a posed photo, so above left is what we ended up with. I swear he doesn’t always look at me like I’m an idiot… (it’s usually the other way around, lol)

It was approaching the end of the day so we headed back to the car via the Royal Crescent. I visited Bath with my family when I was younger and this is the part I remember well – the architecture is amazing!


We carried on through Royal Victoria Park and sat down for a few minutes to appreciate the beauty. Too often our focus is what we are missing out on and we fail to notice the amazing things we already have right on our doorstep!

It was a day well spent in beautiful Bath – we’ll definitely be visiting again soon.


SP x